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Here is what our clients say about us:

Mackenzie went from spending money on ads and getting no results to now making $3 out of every $1 put in!

James got over $40,000+ in course sales from our work together!

Dehissa couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw her ads re-converting for as low as 45 cents per conversion!

Melissa said “I’ve found someone who cares about my business as much as I do!”

Kelly said I’m one of her favorite people 🙃 40+ calls booked from the webinar!

​George had a 7x Return on Investment! Pretty awesome right 🙂

Justin made $390,000 in just 7 days working with me 🙂

Derek had an amazing experience working with me!

$1 Million+ Profit generated (3)

Jeff made over $24,000+ within 1 month (long form interview).

The team at Real Wealth Ranching said this about us: “We had very good results. This ad campaign saved us!”

Jessica said “Misim goes above and beyond… and is awesome & super easy to work with!”

Korrie was able to crack her client’s funnel and start making sales right away 🙂

Mei couldn’t say enough good things about us working together!

Erin now has all the tools to grow her online business 🙂

Louisa is now able to generate leads and calls like clockwork!

She was getting leads for under $3 & booked calls for under $35.

While converting over 40% of her traffic into leads

“We have converted more in the first week of running live ads with Misim than we did in 3-months with another agency” – Lisa

Bruce quickly landed 3 clients worth $3,500 after only 1 conversation together!

“I would recommend Misim to anyone looking to scale and grow
their business!” – Caroline

"It has been great working with Misim."

He made an effort to understand our business and our value proposition, and had the flexibility to adapt to our style. Misim has the skills required to pull together great direct response campaigns and automated lead generation systems. Misim will work closely with you in order to achieve your goals and will think carefully about the best approach for your business from a strategic and tactical perspective. I'm happy to recommend his services to anyone looking to set up a direct response lead generation system.

Liam Shaw – Tech Startup Founder & CEO (Over $600k in funding)

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